Bachflower Remdies

Bachflower Remedies


 What are Bach Flower Remedies?
Dr. Edward Bach was born in 1886 in England.  He was a licensed medical doctor.  In his experience as a doctor, he noticed that the healing process of the patient had more to do with the personality of the patient than with the state of the patient's physical body.  He came to identify certain personality traits which impacted the patient's ability to heal, which he referred to as:  fear, terror, indecision, worry, uncertainty, indifference, apathy, doubt, discouragement, over caring, weakness, impatience, self-destruction, over-enthusiasm, pride, aloofness.  Meanwhile, he had been measuring the vibration of certain diseases and certain botanicals.  He would match diseases to botanicals based upon their characteristics of having a similar vibration, yet opposite polarities from each other.  He had also discovered that the vibration was strongest on the blossom of the botanical, and that this vibration seemed to transfer to the morning dew on the flower petals.  From that, he developed a method of making his own flower remedies, matching flower to personality trait to be healed, by picking a specific type of flower and putting it in a bowl of natural spring water in the sunlight until the flower wilted.  Bach developed 38 individual flower essences, and one combination called "Rescue Remedy" to be used in times of extreme stress.

I offer little bottles of custom Made Flower Essences.

There is a Questionnaire to fill out, to find the perfect Flower Essence for individual potions.  I also offer Muscle Testing to check if the person really needs certain flowers. Formulas are mixed in 2-3 oz. dropper bottles.  The shift is very subtle, but very real.  Because these flower essences are completely non-toxic, you may take as much as you like, as often as you like.  These remedies are a great addition to healing sessions where there is a lot of release and processing going on after the session.

I also offer Aroma Therapy in my Sessions with Oils to balance the Chakras.