Energy Healing


©Arcing Radial Light (ARL)** is a vibration of energy gifted to Lorna Malmberg in 2002. She has since made her transition, but she left a vision that this energy be spread throughout the world for the purpose of raising the energetic vibration of this planet by promoting healing using ©ARL.

©ARL is a Spiritual Energy Healing works through the Unified Field of Love. This is a connection with the Archangelic realm and is why the word “Arcing” is used in the name. The energy spirals in and throughout the field and is often experienced as a colorful energy.

©ARL is associated with the divine feminine energies of beings of light such as Mother Mary, Mother Meera, and Kwan Yin. ARL is a beautiful, loving, high vibration field of energy that works powerfully yet gently on the subtle energy systems of the body, helping to promote wellness and wholeness.

©ARL can remove energy blockages, release stress, and recharge and rebalance energy fields. Contributing to healing at all levels, it is especially effective because it works on core energy at the cellular level and supports positive shifts in consciousness and behavior.

It is a spiraling, radial energy that is a gift from the Archangels.  It is believed to override blocked energy, including emotional blocks, thus promoting stress-reduction and self-healing.

**©These new Spiritual teachings came through Lorna Malmberg from the ArchAngelics.(2001-2002)