Trinity Energy


 Trinity Energy Progression™ opens up the Christ Consciousness within the individual’s own Divinity. The Energy that we have inside of us, but have forgotten how to access it since “Lemurian Times”, with Trinity the pathways are unlocked, always working from the inside out to awaken the unlimited potential of our own Divinity.

This energy was introduced in 2011 as an Energy of “completion” – and that though not specifically a healing modality, healing is a side effect of its use and “turning it up.”
The remembrance of the Trinity Energy Progression was gifted to my friend Angela Coulter back into the 3D in 2011  as one version of the new, more powerful energies to assist in the next step of our spiritual evolution on the accelerated path to “Earth 2.0”… a lighter, far more ascended version of the 3D version with which we’ve experimented for many more millennia than our written history recalls.The energy is what we have inside of us, but have forgotten how to access and use since the “fall in density” in Lemurian times.It is part of our Lemurian legacy, which connects in to Adama, the Lemurian Light Council of 12, and Telos…Hugely powerful!

The regular use of this energy opens the internal pathway to the Christ Consciousness within all of us, allowing us to meld all aspects of ourselves back together, piece by piece, version by version. In doing so, not only does it allow us to come back into balance within ourselves, but it brings us back full circle to remembering where we were in the initiation into this existence… back to the complete, Divine beings that we truly are.


With Trinity Energy Progression, the pathways are unlocked and opened to the Christ Consciousness WITHIN-providing the unlimited potential of the individual’s own Divinity, which is the completion of the energies of the Divine Mother, Divine Father, and Divine Child - Always working from the INSIDE OUT. Trinity Energy is also extremely flexible and is constantly changing, expanding, and becoming more powerful…as we are doing the same!

If you are looking for something DIFFERENT and POWERFUL, give this a try…practitioners range from VERY seasoned intuitives / spiritual practitioners who incorporate it into their practice with clients, to those who are wanting to “do the work” in a powerful way to use it only for their own personal spiritual development.

Everyone who has taken it and used it has had amazing results!  I usually use it combined with other Healing Modalities, but it is very powerful just by itself.

Trinity Energy Progression is trademark of The Great White Tree, LLC (Angela Coulter)