Barbara O. Raleigh, NC

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I met Claudia through our Shamanic healing training and quickly became aware of her warm and loving nature. She has a real gift for making people feel wanted and welcome.

The last time I visited Claudia for healing, I was going through a difficult time after a relationship had ended. I could not seem to get past the difficult emotions that lingered, but Claudia helped me to work through feelings of guilt and sorrow. She healed my lack of forgiveness for myself through her energetic healing modalities, and intuitively picked up on issues that I had been hiding from myself. My healing was incomplete until I let Claudia work with me. There are many layers to each issue, and she is a gifted individual who can help others recognize and name those layers, and then assists in releasing them. Claudia uses her talents to help clients connect to a greater power and a brighter future.