Claudia is an amazing energy healer! She has used multiple modalities with me including Reiki, Arcing Radial Light, Trinity Energy Progression, Crystal Energy Therapy, Muscle Testing and Theta Healing. She helped me to quickly get to the root cause of an issue so that it could be healed! Energy healing with Claudia is very powerful! – S.M. – Cary, NC

I have experienced Claudia as a professional Reiki Healer. Her Energy treatments are gentle yet most effective and powerful. Three years ago I took a Reiki class with her which was very insightful and made me a believer in Reiki. Due to her sincere wish to help improve people’s health and lives I can highly recommend her Energy Healing and Reiki classes.


P. Saville, Morrisville, NC

My Dear Friends

It is my pleasure to share my experience with Claudia and her work as a Reiki practitioner. I must admit that I tend to be a skeptical person. I am 65 years old and have arthritis in my lower back that has gotten worse in the last couple of years. When I met Claudia I was desperate for relief from the pain. It was so bad I could hardly go out of the house. Claudia was my neighbor so I could get to her easily. I truly didn’t have high expectations, but I didn’t want to resort to prednisone shots, so I gave it a try. The treatment, including Reiki, essential oils and some other forms of energy work, brought deep physical and mental relaxation. To my surprise, the pain was gone when I got off the table, and relief lasted several weeks. Now I am a true believer. North Carolina’s loss is Florida’s gain. I miss Claudia’s healing hands. I encourage others to take advantage of her gift.


Mary S.Cary, NC, July 2015

I meet Claudia at Reiki Master Certification class, this was the first year I arrived in NC, we both moved from different parts of the country to NC in 2006. This was not coincidence, out of anyone I have encountered in my path to become a Reiki Healer, Claudia is the most naturally gifted healer I’ve experienced. We became fast friends; she has helped me more times than I can count. Claudia continued her training as a Reiki Master Trainer and the many, many more healing avenues, specialties, and as a spiritual communicator, earning certifications, 9 plus years of training just in the time I have known Claudia all while sharing her gifts.

She has brought so much clarity to my long sustaining medical issues through past life regression and cut cords that were hindering my healing process, helping with ongoing further medical issues. Claudia sees the spirit guides that help her and other guides that are protecting her patronage, in my case, to call upon and walk through a protected, giving, calming life path. Unlike myself, who works the day to day Corporate work life, it’s Claudia’s whole life helping, guiding, healing others as she continues to on her life’s path, traveling to wherever it takes her to gain more knowledge.

There is so much more I can say about Claudia, but one has to experience her natural ability, gifts she’ll share for oneself. With all my heart, I would recommend her without any reservation to anyone, she’s truly blessed.


Diane Van Kirk, Reiki Master_ c/o Pets

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